Integrated Marketing

Successful campaigns start with design and the integration of multiple consumer touch points that strategically linked so as to influence behavior leading to sales. The SW Group understands the inter-relationship between each component and has the hands on experience to deliver these successful campaigns. While each program is unique most combine many of the following elements.

B2B events

From networking events that nurture relationships to brand and product awareness efforts that expand potential sales outlets, we design engagement programs that utilize road shows, corporate hospitality events, trade shows and conferences to maximize overall effectiveness. Learn about our approaches.

Mobile tours

Connecting with consumers where they work or play can expand the reach of the brand message while at the same time strengthening the aspirational nature of the brand-consumer relationship. The SW Group can work with you to deliver memorable experiences on any scale from pop-up displays to expanding semi-trailers.


Backed by decades of experience, we build focused campaigns that place your product in the hands of interested consumers. At both the retail level or on the road we target the venues most likely to reach the brands audience. Educating the consumer about a brand is key to the consumer to embrace the brand.

Large event Activation

From festivals to concerts, corporate events we can deliver on your needs. We have created, organized and produced some of the memorable events. Audiences from 500 people to stadium events attended by 85,000 people while being broadcast live to a National audience, we’ve even worked from the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Sponsorship & activation

Our team has pioneered many of the sponsorship platforms we take for granted today. We understand sponsorship and how to maximize brands ROI from its activation. We create unique onsite executions and promotions to help optimize the impact of each and every dollar spent on your sponsorship property.

Experience Extended

We create online brand experiences to engage consumers, ignite conversations and influence buying decisions along the path to purchase. We own one of the internet’s most unique video content libraries over 20,000 titles dating as far back as the 1930s and that we will utilize as an asset for our clients.

Content Marketing Solutions

We build communication strategies that make sure your content is relevant, informative and sharable among your target audience.

Social Media Management

If you can engage your target audience through active conversation online, you foster brand loyalty and advocacy. Effectively managing this communication is the key to conversion and we’re seasoned pros. Let us help.